Sakuya Bra

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Built for body shaping and comfort

The Sakuya bra was created as a solution to a question asked by many; are there any body shaping bras that are actually comfortable and look good?

We believe we have the solution, with a bra that not only provides strong support for your breasts, but also uses a cushioned titanium underwire for comfort, and to top it off, looks sexy!

Leavers Lace

A method of lacemaking that first began in England, there are now only a handful of leavers lacemakers left. Used often in wedding dresses, leavers lace is easily noticeable by its delicate textures and gives its wearer a feeling of elegance and grace.


Cushioned Titanium Underwires

Reinforced titanium underwires remember your body shape and adjust to it. Many times softer than plastic underwires, not only is it soft and comfortable, but it also helps to support and strengthen your breasts.


Dual-layer Power Mesh

A double layer of mesh on the wing of the bra provides twice the strength and hold power, making your bra more durable and longer-lasting and giving you twice the comfort

power mesh

Strengthened Wings

A bra should not only feel good but also make you look better. An extra support corset brace is inserted into the wing of the bra helping to shape and smooth so your best bodyline is shown from every angle.


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